Fools In Paradise
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Our new CD, "Kutapira!"

Kutapira! - front cover
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Our first CD, "The Other Side of the Sky"

The Other Side of the Sky - front cover
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You can order it from CDBABY online, or by phone: 1-800-BUY-MY-CD.
It's also available at: (streaming/digital, no physical CDs)

Here's what people are saying about "The Other Side of the Sky":

"72 minutes of upbeat, enjoyable, and thoroughly infectious rhythms and melodies jump off the CD, with music that warms the room and livens the spirit...The uplifting listening experience on this CD is even more enhaced in a live performance, where their ethnic attire, exotic instruments, and high-energy music offer an engaging gateway to African history, language, and culture."
- Victory Review Magazine, Dec 2007

"Playful! Relevant! Clever! Wonderful musicianship! Like the others who have submitted a review about this CD I can't help but gush!! The music brings a smile, the words, reminders of what is important in life, and immediately gets me on my feet dancing. The combination of African rhythms and western voices and lyrics is really well done. I highly recommend this CD."
- Lynda Cole

"I listen to this CD everyday--It's the ultimate feel-good music!
I love this CD, I listen to it everyday! The tunes are catchy, the words simple but relevant, and there's a lot of variety to the music. It makes me want to sing and dance -- It's just plain fun! I like to put it on when I'm driving, cooking, cleaning the house, doing the yardwork -- Pretty soon I'm done and I've had a really good time."
- Holly Nelson

"WOW! This CD is pure JOY!. I defy anyone to feel blue or down while listening. Now, this is what "music therapy" is all about! Once was not enough, the minute the CD ended I jumped up to play it again, the house seemed empty without it's sound and energy. The song selection was perfect, reminding me of the importance of "play" and keeping life in perspective. I could identify at some level with it all, many thanks for all the smiles inside and out. What a great group of humans "being" you all are, so refreshing and spontaneously uplifting, there is HOPE! Heading off to work for now with a warm fuzzy good feeling inside!"
- Marga Snipes

"Thank you for your voice! Tonight we were at a little Xmas Eve thing at Mulberry House and we played your new CD. People really loved it! For me, as a writer, I love the upbeat joy of the music and the simple profundity of your lyrics. Thank you for your voice, it is an important, good-hearted voice Kite."
- Stacy Anne Murphy

"Hi Kite, I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying the new Fools CD -- I think it is absolutely brilliant. I really like the two new songs, too -- especially "Maybe." Your singing is really honest and authentic, and your marimba leads are outstanding -- especially on "Ecstasy." I really like Saffire's vocals, too, and all the harmony vocals. And Noah's horn playing is just amazing. I don't mean to gush but this CD is just really a tour-de-force of brilliant music and brilliant musicianship!"
- Lawrence Howard

Kite is also a marimba teacher responsible for the creation of fourteen marimba bands.
Eight of them appear on his compilation CD, "Marimba Madness". It features 13 songs,
from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Guinea, Ghana and the Carribean, all Kite's arrangements.

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Kite also sells instructional CDs with sheet music for marimba bands ($25 plus s/h).
E-mail Kite for more information:

Instructional CDs: $25 plus S/H

For more info about Kite's marimba classes, visit

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